Thanksgiving Day Mass

The History of Aparations of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Veterans Days Mass

Migrant Festival Raffle Ticket Winners

Introduction to the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle

This video premiered at 2018 Mystical Rose Gala this past Saturday. We would like to thank all of those who joined us and all of those who helped make it possible.

 Este video se estrenó en la Gala de la Rosa Mística 2018 este sábado pasado. Nos gustaría dar las gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron y a todos los que ayudaron hacerlo posible.



Special Needs Mass

Dates Available at Renewal Center

We have some dates that have opened up at the Renewal Center for retreats. Contact Melissa Salazar for more information (956) 787-0033.

Dates are:

May 10-13, 2018 

December 13-16, 2018

December 20-23, 2018